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Our Business Works Because We Know Exactly How To Avoid The Top Rookie Mistakes.

Times are changing. Most colleges & universities put their courses online. Did you know that online & downloadable information products are much more profitable and easier to sell than physical products? That's because there's no stock to hold, no big overheads, and no staff worries. All you need is the Internet and basic office tools.

But if it's so easy and profitable, why aren't more people doing it?

Well, that's always the thing. Starting a new business is always more expensive and difficult that most people ever imagine. No matter how great a system or opportunity is, if someone doesn't know the ropes they make mistakes. Then they give up or go broke.

After 17 years of trial and error, I've discovered what works and I've created a tried-and-tested business model that takes all the guesswork out of the equation and sets you up for total success.

But more about that later. First, let me share with you the 5 biggest mistakes I've uncovered so you can see for yourself that I really do know what I'm talking about:


Information Business Mistake #1: Trying to re-invent the wheel.

Most people rack their brains trying to come up with a product idea that will make them rich. But creating products and starting a business from scratch is risky and challenging (and expensive).People have lost their savings and homes chasing that "next big thing." Or they buy a ton of products, thinking they can resell them for profit, only to have a garage full of stuff they can't even give away.

A better option: sell a product that's already created, already tested in the market, and has a track record of high demand. I mean, why start from scratch and struggle for years when you can take something that already exists and start seeing profits right away?

Here's an example of what I mean: A man I know (we'll call him Dave), bought a distribution license for a new training program from one of the best sales and marketing trainers in the world— Chet Holmes. Chet had already sold over $25,000,000 worth of his training expertise to over 13,000 small and large companies in the USA. The training came with professionally produced interactive videos with over 800 presentations charts and graphic images, successful ads, faxes, sales letters, telephone scripts… the lot.

It would have taken Dave at least 8 months and cost about
$500,000 to put this all together starting from scratch.

Not to mention the headaches and stress. Instead, Dave took what was already created and adapted it for Australian conditions. He sold $456,650 worth of these training programs in 15 months (while having fun and taking plenty of holidays).

It proved to me once and for all that marketing something that already exists is the best way to go if you want good profits and minimal risk.


Information Business Mistake #2: Not having a high enough profit margin.
Unless you have high profit margins, you cannot make money in any business. They key is to make sure your costs are rock bottom. As you can see, information products the customer buys online and receives as a download drops operating costs and overhead to almost nothing. No warehouse, no shipping, no staff to process physical returns… the list goes on. When you sell Information products that have been created by someone else, it's almost ALL profit.


Information Business Mistake #3: Not getting a mentor and coach.
All great athletes have a coach and a mentor. I have had several mentors and coaches in my life. Not getting a mentor and coach is like walking into the desert with only two litres of water. You'll soon die of thirst because even if there are water wells along the way, you'll never find them on your own.


Information Business Mistake #4: Not monitoring your progress and tracking your results.
This goes for any business actually, so you'd think it would be a no-brainer, but so many business owners fail to do this. You have to keep track of your marketing results. Why pay for an ad that isn't working? Why change an ad that's bringing tons of business?

Don't be intimidated. It's really not hard as there are lots of ways of automating that kind of tracking. If you decide the business model I've created is a good opportunity for you, I'll share all marketing materials and ads I've already tested and KNOW they work. (How's that for a turn-key business!)


Information Business Mistake #5: Looking for a "get-rich-quick" business where you don't have to work.
I know an information marketer that's been using the same ads for over 15 years…and they still work. You may have seen his headlines
Hey, it happens— about as often as winning the lottery. This is a real business. It requires discipline and commitment. Yes, you can work from home. Or Bali, wherever makes you happy. But you still have to work.

The real difference here is that you are your own boss. You can live life on your terms. And you CAN get rich. As with anything, you get out what you put in. (We have a special program for you go-getters who want to make profits fast and are committed to making a real go of it.)

The Good Resale Product Checklist


Listen, when I started out, I fell for the whole dream of making it big with the "next hot product". But I learned the hard way (the very hard way) that no matter how interesting or innovative a product is to you, it may not be right for resale. So, over the years I've developed a checklist that spells out what makes a good product for a resale business.

HOT TOPIC: Potential customers want the product. They already know about it and will respond to any ad that offers it, (such as learning how to make money from real estate!) This means you don't have to buy expensive ads. Simple, low-costs ads will do!

HIGH VALUE: The product has a high perceived value. When customers don't question the product's worth, they don't question your price.

RIGHT MARKET: The product appeals to people who have money, and don't mind spending it. (If you don't think this is important, try selling something to people who don't have money.)

LOW COST: The product costs you only a fraction of the selling price. You want a large enough profit so it only takes a few sales to make serious money.

EASY TO DELIVER: The product has little or no shipping or handling. You shouldn't have to worry about renting a warehouse to store inventory, or worry about how difficult it is to package and ship the product. You want it to be easy—a "no brainer". Don't try selling pianos.

LOW SERVICE NEEDS: The product requires little or no support. The product should be self-explanatory so you don't spend all your time answering questions.

AUTO PILOT: You can handle customer orders using an order taking service. When hundreds of orders start coming in, you don't want to reduce your profit margin by having to hire reps.

HIGH REPEAT SALES: Your customers call you back to order more. When your customers actually get their hands on your product, you want them to be so impressed with what they received that they'll call you back to order more from you. (It's actually six times easier and cheaper to re-sell to an existing customer than to find a new customer. You can double your profit on each sale by having more products to upsell.


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**Shhh!, Here's Secret**

It's The System That Makes You The Money — Not The Product


As I mentioned above, a good product is important. After all, you need to sell it! But the key to making real life-changing profits is in the system.

You've seen examples of this before – everyone agrees that McDonald's is not the best restaurant or the best food to eat and however is the best business to be! Making billions of dollars every year. Another person has an amazing product in high demand, but their business still goes bust. Even though their sales are great and they're bringing in money, if their costs are high they're not making PROFIT. It's like being on financial treadmill; they're running like crazy but getting nowhere.

What they lacked was a good business model. A formula they could follow that had a proven track record and predictable results. A system that takes out all of the guesswork and clears the path to success.

So how did I create this system and how do I know it works?

I have property information products that I know sell very well. But when I started thinking about letting others sell the courses, it forced me to think of my process.

See, I already knew from experience that having a good product wasn't enough to make money— it was the other things you did in your business that either made it work or made it fail. I had to be able to show others exactly how to run the business side of the business if I wanted them to have true success.

I sat at my desk and laid it all out. How I started and what I did that moved my business forward and even the mistakes I made.

At first it was just scribbles in a notebook. But I kept refining it and adding to it until I thought the system was clear. I let colleagues read it to find holes in my training or tools. Then more improvement. And I repeated this process until I had a fool-proof system for running my real estate information product business that everyone could understand and follow.

How Does My System Help You Make Money Quickly?


This Information resale business I'm offering keeps your costs low, which means more profits. (In fact, 83% of every sale you make is pure profit, which is an astounding margin in any business.)

  • You don't have to waste money on ineffective marketing. Marketing that works is a great investment, and marketing that doesn't work is a money pit. This system includes all of our top-performing ads and copy so you don't have to do expensive marketing experiments.

  • The system is designed around a single person running the business (like I did). This means no employee payroll expenses, no insurance hassle, very little overhead. And that means more profits in your pocket.

  • You don't go into debt before you start! I'm sure when you were looking for a business opportunity, you researched franchises. They sound good at first, because (like this) it's a "business in a box" and everything down to the marketing and training is already figured out.

    But when you dig deeper into franchises, you see the BIG downsides.
    • You're not really your own boss because you have to answer to the parent company and do everything exactly as they say.
    • Running a franchise business actually takes up MORE of your time than a 9-to-5 so you're not getting the benefits of owning your business.
    • Franchises are extremely expensive to buy into. Unless you can pay the entire franchise fee up front, you go into a lot of debt before you even open your doors. It can take YEARS to start seeing profits.

This business system has all of the benefits of a franchise without any of the downsides!


Easy start up; everything figured out for you
Everything you need to operate
Marketing materials provided
Proven product/service demand
Low overhead and operating costs
Be your own boss
More time off
Inexpensive to start
See profits right away


Start the business today, and in two weeks
you can potentially start seeing profits.

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Can This Really Change My Life?

It's changed my life, and the lives of a lot of other people. Watch video testimonials from people who have seen incredible success with this business here.

You also have to keep in mind that it's not just about the money. This business will change the way you live.

Other ways this business can change your life:

  1. It's a business that can be run from home and give you the flexibility to spend quality time with family.
  2. It's a business that frees up your time so you can pursue your real passions and interests (and actually LIVE life instead of spending every day chained to a desk).
  3. It's a business that allows you to travel. Money + time freedom + online business = travel anywhere, any time.
  4. It's a business that is low stress. No more office politics, corporate rules, and bad bosses.
  5. It's a business that provides security.


Ready to make your life better in every way?

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