MWP3: The Ultimate Success in Real Estate Summit
3 Day Full Catered Live Event on the Beautiful Gold Coast

Who is the Summit Designed for?

The Ultimate Success in Real Estate Summit is specifically designed to assist all Property & Real Estate Investors with the proven fundamentals of achieving and sustaining your Real Estate Investment success, providing you with multiple tools, resources and skill sets to embrace multiple real estate strategies for short to medium term wealth building.

  1. The Aspirational Real Estate Investor needing additional skills and resources to take on multiple sized projects with the confidence of clarity, training and insight to support each step of the way.
  2. And the Well Established Real Estate Investor who is wanting to leverage and maximise existing portfolio assets into an expansion strategy for securing long term wealth and success through effective Property & Real Estate growth and development.

What's Included?

The "Ultimate Success in Real Estate Summit" includes a 3 DAY LIVE EVENT hosted on the Gold Coast, Australia that brings together some of the best real estate and business minds. Together with other like-minded individuals all focused on creating their future success through profitable Real Estate Investments. Every aspect of Real Estate Investing will be covered including:

  • Negotiating and buying a cheap bed-sitter for $80,000
  • Land subdivisions and duplex sites.
  • As well as large Multi Unit development projects valued at many millions of dollars.
  • Plus you'll make connections and network with like-minded people who can share your lifelong journey to real estate success, wealth and happiness.

It's been said that our live events are more than just educational seminars. They are a life changing experience that brings profound realisations and change within the individuals that attend them.

You will not only meet and get inspired by the speakers, but the within the attendees themselves are individuals who will touch your heart and transform the way you look at your own potential for Success in The Real Estate Investing Business.