MWP4: The Millionaire Maker Summit
5 Day Full Catered Live Event on the Beautiful Gold Coast

Who is the Summit Designed for?

The Millionaire Maker Summit is designed with the aspiring Millionaire in mind with a dedicated focus on assists all Property & Real Estate Investors increasing their wealth portfolio in both the short and long term.

If you are serious about making this your preferred lifestyle then the Millionaire Maker Summit is for you.

  1. The Aspirational Real Estate InvestorĀ needing additional cashflow to launch a new project or complete renovations on a new investment project or simply needing cashflow to assist with day to day living.
  2. And the Well Established Real Estate Investor who is asset rich and fully leveraged to the extent that cashflow has become a concern and an incredibly valuable resource.

What's Included?

The "Millionaire Maker Real Estate Summit" includes a 5 DAY LIVE EVENT on the Gold Coast, Australia. This event has one purposeā€¦ "To deliver a profound and life changing experience" No matter what your current financial or personal situation is, you will walk away with the tools, the contacts and the business and real estate know-how to move you closer to your dreams.

Not only will you get the real estate strategies, but also a new mind-set and vision that'll inspire and drive you to new heights of success and achievement. There is no guarantee you'll become a millionaire, but you'll certainly have all the raw materials to build the life you have always dreamed. And become a leader for those who follow in YOUR footsteps. To be a force for good. A REAL Millionaire With a Purpose!! What you will take away from this event WILL stay in your mind and heart forever!!